Emma Joy the Wedding Planner

Wedding planner and stylist in London


Zoë has been instrumental to the launch of my small business. When we started working together just over 18 months ago, I had a few ideas for my business name and logo, but nothing concrete. Zoë really helped me to refine my thinking and she created a beautiful logo design which I love. She went on to design my business card, letterhead and a number of other brand assets, all of which I’m very proud. From there, she built my website and, once again, I felt she listened very carefully to what my requirements were. She made many excellent suggestions on both the technical and the design aspects and she continues to be an invaluable sounding board. And that’s what really sets Zoë apart in my view – she’s both a talented and intuitive designer and a skilled website developer. Working with someone who marries these two skills sets has been fantastic and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Emma Joy
The Wedding Planner